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We work directly with coffee farmers, who are our old friends, and farmers cooperatives. We have a long history in Brazilian Coffee Culture, that’s why we do have stronger friendships. Coffee keeps letting these strings more and more deeper though!

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Who we are

Thanks for joining us!

We are a family owned company and our history with coffee started 130 years ago today, when our family immigrated from Italy to Brazil in the end of the 19th.

Mr. Bertanha (center), his son Tiago and Mirani, his daughter and Bertanha’s partner of Bertagna Coffee Co.

When our founder (in Brazil), Mr. Cid Bertanha, was about his 20 years young, he came to town and started to build equipment and machines to his coffee farmers friends, and now, 42 years later, that small store, became Bertanha Industry, which is reference of development of technologies for agricultural mechanization. Some people don’t know it, but technology promotes a better coffee harvesting quality. The first reason is there is no hand contact, also, the harvesters machines have intensity control, which provides a regular harvesting process picking off from the trees only the cherries. Technology also provides a cleanest and efficient beans selection.

Bertagna Coffee Company is Bertanha’s American Subsidiary, by the way, Bertagna and Bertanha are the same name, the first one is the original spelling in Italian, and Bertanha is how they wrote our name when our relatives arrived in Brazil.

Bertanha F2 Harvesting Machine

Bertagna Coffee Company was founded as subsidiary of Bertanha Industry. And the business idea started to become a reality when Mirani, a Bertanha’s second generation member, (who is a coffee lover-addict girl) started to visit US and researching about coffee.

After a couple visits and so many researches, she realized that the most specialty Brazilian coffee wasn’t so popular in US and also, 90% of our specialty coffee production is been shipped to Europe, specialty Germany, and that why we are here: we do have the best of Brazilian coffee, ask for your sample and we are absolutely sure: you’ll change your concepts about coffee from Brazil!


Bertagna Coffee Co. Specialty Coffee Bags
Bertagna Coffee Co. – specialty coffee beans